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What days can I play?

Currently we have a league running on a Monday night, kick off times are 19:30 until 20:30 or 20:30 until 21:30. We also have a non-competitive set-up on a Wednesday evening , contact us for more information.

How much is the joining fee?

There are no joining fees.

How much is it per week?

£25 per calendar month 

How can I pay for NMF?

We accept payment via card, bank transfer and Direct Debit payments .

I haven’t played football for years, is this okay?

This is one of the main reasons NMF was created, to help adults get back into general fitness and help maintain good well-being. Therefore we welcome anyone wishing to play football to our setup.  

My fitness is shocking, can I play part the match?

We have two set-ups to help with general fitness, the weekly league and the Wednesday kick-a-bout. On a Monday we use small squads where it is possible to be used a substitute, which in-turn will help with game management and fitness, until you are ready to play the full game. 

I don’t know anyone at NMF, is this okay?

The main feedback we get from our customer feedback forms, is how they enjoyed themselves and were made to feel welcome by team members and administrators. 

Do I need shin pads?

Yes you do. We are an FA affiliated league. Shinpads must be worn. 

What are the rules?

We play by the standard FA small sided game rules.

We have listed all our rules that are in addition to the FA rules in our Documents tab.

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